Intramodal Inc was established in 2004, specializing in intermodal transportation, from the Port of Montreal, railway terminals such as CNCSX, CP, and container terminals. The Intramodal fleet is in constant growth, adapting to serve our customer’s ever changing requirements. To further service our clients’ needs, the Intramodal Group established Intramodal Warehouses Inc, which presently operates over 500,000 square feet of food grade warehousing on the island of Montreal.

Working closely together, Intramodal Inc and Intramodal Warehouses continuously endeavor to fulfill the demands of its clients. With strategic planning, determination, and efficiency, the Intramodal group customizes their business to make it INTRApersonal.

Our Services

Intramodal Solution

The Intramodal group specializes in supply chain management, from transportation and logistics, to warehousing and co-packing. The Intramodal Corporation is unique in the logistics trade. Intramodal Inc follows the supply chain through. We assure that imports are efficiently extracted from its point of entry, and promptly deliver the cargo to our client, or store it within our warehouse. From there, Intramodal additionally offers co-packing opportunities, operational within walking distance of the product. The combination of services provided on our behalf eliminates unnecessary complications. Our close association between our transport team and warehousing staff minimizes unwanted dilemmas, leaving our partners with fewer responsibilities. Our combined service also creates a convenience, reducing the risk of miscommunication, as well as diminishing any additional costs from third party assistance. 

Most importantly, by combining our services, Intramodal can form relationships with our clients, suppliers and networks to understand their expectations. Our commitment to assuring customer satisfaction resonates with our staff; it is even embedded in our core value. We strive to meet the demands set upon us in the utmost professional manner. We recognize the importance of tracking and storage details, which is why we have employees designated specifically for the task. At Intramodal, we take pride in identifying ourselves are customer-centric. Should you have inquiries of any sort, feel free contact our associates and experience the Intramodal Solution today.


Intramodal takes pride in being a local business, which is why we feel it is imperative to give back to our community. For over ten years now, Intramodal Inc. has been donating their services to various causes, be it volunteer work, fundraisers, charity events, or donations.


Intramodal is family oriented, which is why Make-A-Wish is so close to our hearts. As Intramodal works in achieving their own goals and wishes, they extend the practice by volunteering their time for children in need, helping them fulfill their own wishes. With the assistance of wisher’s families, Intramodal approaches each wish with care and compassion. Visit www.makeawishqc.ca to find out how you can help today.


Every year, Intramodal participates in a charity golf tournament to support children with disabilities. In participating in the event, funds are raised to send disabled children to specialized summer camps. To learn more about the event, visit www.friendsofwecare.org


Intramodal is a proud supporter of the SGB Kids Foundation, where the proceeds collected from their charity events are donated to The Montreal Children Hospital. Learn more at www.sgbkids.com.

Safety and Security

Safety is prioritized at Intramodal Inc. and Intramodal Warehouses. All our employees are subjected to safety training before being assigned their duties. As new policies are put into place, Intramodal employees are quick to adapt and implement the change. Intramodal Inc. conforms to the safety regulations set in place by the  Civil Code of Quebec, Transport Quebec, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Canada Border Services Agency, and the Customs and Border Protection Agency. We also assure that employees feel comfortable in their environment, demanding that proper work etiquette and respect is applied at all times.

Intramodal understands the value of our customer’s commodities, which is why we have state of the art technologies vigorously working to keep the products safe. Our facilities are under constant video recorded surveillance, with highly sensitive motion sensors. Our vigilant watch is monitored 24/7, with a direct line to the police should a monitor trip.