Frequently Asked Questions


1) Who do I contact if I have employment opportunity questions?

Should you require more details of job postings, requirements and qualifications, contact for assistance.


2) Who do I contact for relevant forms?

Should you require specialized documents, contact the human resources department at 


3) Must we bring our own locks for the lockers, or are they provided for us?

Intramodal Inc and Intramodal Warehouses are not responsible for items left unattended. Should you like to secure your belongings, we recommend bringing a lock from home, as locks are not supplied.


4) Does Intramodal offer free parking?

Intramodal has a parking lot that accommodates all our staff and visitors.


5) Does the building have a cafeteria?

Intramodal does indeed have a cafeteria, however it contains only seating and vending machines. The vending machines accept both cash and credit. The cafeteria is additionally equipped with both refrigerators and microwaves.


6) Is there an area for smoking?

Intramodal has a designated area for smoking, located outside the cafeteria. We ask that employees and visitors refrain from smoking by any of the exists.


7) Where am I to enter the building?

Unless otherwise stated, we ask that all employees, contractors, agency workers and visitors enter by the main entrance located by the Transcanadienne highway.