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Intramodal is proud to be a significant contributor within the intermodal transportation system. Primarily trucking based, Intramodal has worked in unison with other modes such as rail and sea to ensure that freight is transported in a fast and reliable fashion. Intramodal transports numerous ISO containers on a daily basis whether it is from ship to rail, rail to ship or ship/rail to consignee. Intramodal is part of the Uniform Intermodal Interchange & Facilities Access Agreement (UIIA), various intermodal organizations, and is equipped to handle all types of intermodal shipments.


Intramodal has a continuously expanding fleet of dry vans capable of delivering products to any destination. Intramodal has developed highly effective tracking and tracing solutions which offer our clients up to the date answers and ease of mind. Intramodal handles the details, so you can handle your business.


Intramodal has been working with various authorities to ensure fluidity within our trans-border trucking sector. The Intramodal team has experince of the requirements for trans-border prerequisites; whether it is PAPS/PARS, ACE Manifests or overweight permits. Intramodal is a bonded carrier and our drivers are F.A.S.T accredited to ensure speedy and reliable carefree deliveries.


Whether the product is over dimensional, a dangerous good, or requires specialized equipment, no load is too big or too small. Intramodal tailors our service to satisfy all requests. 


Intramodal Warehouses currently occupies over 500,000 feet of food grade warehousing space. Our warehouses are strategically located to be accessible by a large number of core highways within the Montreal region.

Intramodal Warehouses are flexible with storage opportunities, offering public and customs bonded warehousing. 

Intramodal Warehouses specializes in all aspects of the warehousing setting. Our facilities are equipped to:

  • Distribute
  • Assemble
  • Package
  • Co-pack
  • Rework
  • Cross-dock

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is highly sophisticated and proficient in organization. Our WMS method is additionally EDI compatible, generating precise and accurate reports. Finally, the WMS in place facilitates our distribution practices, granting a higher fill rate percentage and clear visibility. 

We are comfortable in supplying information for KPI monitoring throughout the process. Contact us, and together we will customize the details to make it work.


Intramodal and Intramodal Warehouses have extensive experience in logistics coordination; be it within the transportation or warehousing field. Our employees are eager to assist in solving our clients’ logistics needs, recommending various options to get the job done. Intramodal is comfortable overseeing that the commodities reach their final destinations and are treated with the upmost care throughout the process.


Our advanced computer systems allow our customers to understand and customize reports easily, facilitating the distribution management process. Our IT systems enable Intramodal Inc. and Intramodal Warehouses to offer efficient solutions for the needs of our customers.


Intramodal Warehouses manages a warehouse under CBSA's control and identifies itself as a bonded carrier. Through networks and partnerships, knowledge and capacities were acquired to dispense and carry the goods effectively according to CBSA and CBS rules and regulations.



's sister company, Alliance Intrapak, is a full service packaging solutions provider specializing in contract packing, warehousing, distribution and logistics.Their operational experts and on-staff packaging engineers can determine the best way to pack and ship materials to reduce waste and cost, maintain material integrity and enhance the end user experience.

Alliance Intrapak
is an FDA approved facility, granting the opportunity to re-package a wide variety of products including:

  • Variety Packing
  • Shrink & Print Register Bundling
  • Package Reconfiguration

Alliance Intrapak
offers a wide array of co-packing options which include:

  • Carton forming
  • Contour Ring Application
  • Folding Cartoning
  • On Premise Packaging
  • Paperboard Sleeve
  • P. O.S Displays
  • Gift Pack Assembly
  • Specialty Corrugate Assembly
  • Shrink Bundling
  • Variety Packs

Alliance Intrapak is adamant on conserving energy and contributes to various recycling programs. Some of the green initiatives include:

  • Recycling programs for freight pallets and cardboard materials
  • Paperless document processing
  • Automatic Lights and hand dryers in washrooms
  • Use of only non-chemical cleaning detergents
  • Phasing out propane powered lift trucks in favor of electric powered trucks
For more infromation about Alliance Intrapak, visit www.allianceintrapak.com